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9 Reasons To Book A Boudoir Photography Session

So, you've been mulling this idea over and over again, but still can't find a valid reason why would you invest in something like a boudoir photography experience.

Or, maybe, you're completely on the other side of the wall and just don't get it - why women want almost naked pictures of themselves 🤷‍♀️

I was the latter a few years ago 🙈 Can you believe it?

“You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.” 

We all have different reasons and life stories. But what we have in common is we all want to be loved. And intimate photography is certainly a form of love. Love for yourself.

Reason #1: You said "Yes!"

Congratulations! You've found the one. You are crazy in love, you're excited about your big day, you have everything organised except...that perfect gift for your Mr-to-be-your-happily-ever-after. Seriously, you're not considering personalised cufflinks or another tech gadget, right?

Now, imagine your first night together as a married couple after you surprise him with a jaw-dropping boudoir album, filled with pictures of your badass self, the morning of your wedding 🤩

Boudoir Photography Dublin Kamuart Photography

Reason #2: Wedding anniversary

Did you know that the 1st wedding anniversary traditional gift is something paper? Tell me, with your hand on your heart, can you think about something better paper than a jaw-dropping boudoir album filled with pictures of your badass self (your hubby needs an update, after all!)?

You think: "but it's our 3rd anniversary and the symbol is leather." Good news, albums nowadays come with all sorts of covers - leather, linen, wood, you name it 😉

Reason #3: You've been in relationships for too long

If you've been married/living together for over 10 years, with a bunch of kids in the house, no childminders and still copulate like bunnies... fair play to you, guys, fair play 🙌

By the time we could leave our kids alone and go to our first weekend away, my libido was gone with the wind. Guess what happened those two nights in a fancy hotel? Nothing. I just didn't feel like 🥴

Something clicked after I did my first boudoir self-shoot. And I can't even explain what exactly. Things just changed. 180 degrees.


Reason #4: You achieved your body goals

Fitness goals, weight loss, weight gain, boob job, six-pack, tattoo sleeve...whatever is your goal, it is worth a celebration 🥳

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Reason #5: You didn't achieve your body goals and your confidence is slowly dying

Well, life happens. We give birth, we stress, we party, we love food, we're being lazy and have a ton of other excuses to give up on our goals. And then one day we found ourselves ashamed of the body we live in. We stand in front of the mirror feeling that what's inside doesn't match the person staring back. And we're starting to hate that person.

When I got into pole-dancing, I learned to love my body for what it can do for me and not for how it looks. During my training-like-a-beast years, I was both, zero-fat and a size bigger than I normally am. Did I care about either? No! Because I was passionate, very motivated, healthiest & strongest I've ever been and I was training my butt off 6 days a week. I LOVED my body for the ability to defy gravity, dance, stretch and move the way I want.

When I stopped being so physically active though, that one size up became the culprit of my problems and insecurities. It took me a while to realise that it's not extra kgs I'm ashamed of, it's the reasons why I gained them.

The changes in my body were barely noticeable, to be honest. And whenever I mentioned calorie-counting or dieting to people they looked at me like I'm some kind of psycho. I got on track. And I'm learning to love myself again. Whenever I feel down I do a boudoir photoshoot for myself and it always lights my sparkle 💖

What I'm saying is try to figure out your why. Is it really stomach rolls or cellulite you can't accept or something that caused it? Hire a photographer that can show you how beautiful you are in people's eyes. Most often, what we see in the mirror is not at all what others see in us.

" Don't put your life on hold because of how you feel about your body. Don't postpone trips or cute clothes because you want to wait till you're thin. life is happening right now. You are beautiful right now."

Reason #6: You won the battle

You've been through hell and shit that is finally over. You won it.

Women overcoming cancer; recovering from rape, an abusive relationship, bullying and workplace harassment; women battling body dysmorphia and mental distortions; women fighting discrimination and (still! 21st century!) equal rights.

Whatever fight you fought, that woman deserves a tribute for never giving up. Give yourself love. Capture who you've become.

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Reason #7: You lost or are losing the battle

Bad things happen. We all grieve differently. The power of boudoir photography is truly amazing. When done right, this intimate experience will heal your damaged soul like nothing else.

Boudoir Photography Dublin Kamuart Photography

Reason #8: You've been somebody else for too long

You've spent years putting everyone else first. Being a mom, a spouse, a housewife, a corporate worker, a carer, a business owner. Feeling guilt and shame for every self-care moment. Feeling unappreciated for all you do and sacrifice for others. You forgot what it is like to just be a woman.

You don't know anymore what a woman you are. Are you still sensuous? Feminine? Bold? Fragile? Badass? Do you still have it?

A boudoir is a great way not only to explore yourself but also to dig deep and express parts of yourself you may rarely get to express.

Boudoir Photography Dublin Kamuart Photography

Reason #9: Because you're worth it, damn it!

Yep, I stole this line from L'Oreal. Because it's genius! And it's my favourite reason for having a boudoir photoshoot done.

Whether you're seeking this experience because you want to restore your confidence, rediscover your sensuality, find yourself... or you know exactly who you are and want to celebrate it, this is the way to do it!

Celebrate turning 30, 40, 50, whatever... You can be sensuous at any age! Celebrate being single. Celebrate being pregnant. Celebrate getting a dream job. Celebrate your beauty and power of being a woman.

Because you're worth it!

Boudoir Photography Dublin Kamuart Photography

Truly yours, K.xx

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