I'm passionate about creating art. And I admire people who turn their life and profession into art. I put my heart and my soul into every project I work on. I know myself how hard it is to find your voice and be unapologetically yourself.

Every person has their own why.

For some, a photoshoot is a boost of confidence. For some, healing. For some, a new way to reconnect with their partner.





Whatever the reason you decide to stand in front of my camera, I promise you, it will result in the discovery of your boldest, badassest self. The one who dares 🔥

Choose the package below that more suits your needs and budget

All-Inclusive photoshoot experience

Boudoir Photography Dublin


This is a full-blown experience you won't forget. With professional hair, makeup, your own assistant and a glass of bubbly. I want you to come to my studio and celebrate who you are today. A daring badass woman. I will coach you on how to pose from head to toe. I will play your favourite music and give you a safe, judgement-free space where you can be whoever you want. I promise to make you feel important, beautiful, confident, enough.


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fine art nude photo session


Ever wondered what it's like to be that artwork on a wall? And what if I tell you, that you can be ART? I designed this session while shooting my creative project: I am art. The aim of which was to break societal stereotypes and show that all women are different but every single one is beautiful in her own body and choices she makes. This session does not require any preparation. All you need for it is your body. And I'll have my camera ready.


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soulful portrait session


This is more raw and natural photo session where you're welcome to connect with yourself. While I will still suggest poses and give direction, our focus is on listening to what feels right and safe for your body and soul to help you achieve your desired intention. These sessions are done outdoors or at the location of your choice. Just me, you, and my camera.


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Boudoir Photography Dublin

Isadora duncan


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Enjoy the day and get photos after

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This is the most fun and memorable part of the whole process, when we actually get to create together.

To secure a date of your session, I require you to sign a contract and pay a retainer. From there, I'm available for you to guide on every step of the process.

If I never met or photographed you before, and you would like to get to know me first, contact me to schedule a free Zoom consultation. Otherwise, just click BOOK NOW button.

Are you looking for a full glam royal treatment, raw authentic experience, or turning yourself into glorious art? I offer all of these.

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