Visual Brand Strategy for Fiona

I've known Fiona personally for a while. She works with me on photoshoots. I know what a great makeup artist and hair stylist she is, but her Instagram...well, let's say, doesn't do her skills justice.

When I started working on her visual strategy, I suggested bringing more of her personality into the blog because I believe that people buy people, especially when it comes to beauty services.

Here's the result of all the work we've done together. I'm sure it'll open many new doors for her and help communicate the value she gives her customers.

Apart from her own Instagram brand book, Fiona now has a bank of on-brand images which will be enough for her to post for a couple of months.

Do you need help with your Instagram?

I know the struggle is real! I'm here to help you throw out of the window all those "I don't know what to post, I've no time, I don't have nice pictures, I suck at Instagram..."

With a clear strategy, social media will become you best friend and a great marketing tool. All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone.

Oh, you might as well hire me to do all the hard work for you.

Here's what I've done for Fiona. Here before and after.

Which page would you follow and buy from?

i need help!

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