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Hi! My name is Karina, I'm 42 year old boudoir and portrait photographer.

I'm Russian-speaking Latvian living in Ireland (haha, don't try to comprehend it!).

I'm a mom to 3 children, yet to feel the mothering calling. After ending a very toxic marriage, I'm now happy to have an amazing man in my life (who, I reckon, also sucks at parenting), but somehow together we make a great family. Family, that means the world to me. Although every other day I dream of being single :))

I've been pole-dancing for ages and don't plan to stop soon. It's my form of meditation, the way I take care of my body and my health.

I spend a great time and money on personal and professional development, love travelling and believe that age is just a number.

― Brené Brown

― Brené Brown

All I am and all I have is the result of hard work and facing my fears. I don't believe in luck, magic, God and other supernatural. I believe in good vibes and that kindness always pays off. And that dreams are achievable if you turn them into goals, no matter how scary it is. Just go for it! Nobody will do it for you.

It appals me how we, women, are terrified of being unacceptable and rejected. Too fat, too skinny, too old, too pale, too ugly, too weird, too brave, too shy... Crazy, right? 
Well, this is the main reason why I specialize in contemporary boudoir photography. If I can help one woman at a time to let go of her fears and just be, it means everything to me. 
Wanna doll up and act weird? I love that! Wanna come as you are and bare yourself because your wrinkles and scars tell your story? You go, girl!

At Kamuart Photography, as a female photographer, I pride in offering a safe place where you can be YOU. No fears, no apologies.

I love working with women who are fun, easy-going, open-minded and wild at heart. Who work hard to get where they want to. Who aren't snobs. Who value art and everything that goes into creating it. Who want this experience for THEMSELVES, not to please somebody else. 

Strong, independent, badass women who dare, are my dream clients.

my motto

“Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” 
 -George Addair

"We went in with a loose theme of comfortable physical connection and touch but with volatility of desire to be so entwined. The shots we've gotten back are just phenomenal and 100% reflect our intention."

Kathrine W. & Marcin M.

"Had amazing makeup. Someone who understood my skin tone. Felt relaxed, not conscious. Karina knew exactly how to style me. Gave me a little more confidence. Was an amazing photo shoot, with a beautiful portrait for me to frame at the end. Would definitely book again." 

Imani G.

"Amazing photographer! Fun and very professional in what she does! I just loved every minute of the maternity shoot today and felt so comfortable in her presence! Would definitely recommend!! Very excited to see the pictures now!" 

Terri L.

"I just got my prints ❤❤ they are more then I expected I love them so much. Karina is an amazing photographer she is making you feel so welcome. She will guide you through every pose she is passionate about what she does and i think that's why her pictures are so special ❤❤ "

Sara G.

" I would do it again and again. It's always been fun doing a photo shoot with Kamuart. And the final result pictures been amazing." 

Liga K.

"OMG Karina! Pictures are amazing! You are the best photographer! I fell in love with myself after I saw these pictures! Thank YOU!!!" 

Diana T.

"You put so much effort and you made me feel awesome. I felt very inspired after. I really appreciate not only the artwork - the whole concept of work ethic, details and having an assistant on the day" 

Lisette K.

"Aaah thank you, I could cry. The pictures are beautiful.

 I loved the photoshoot. It was gorgeous. Karina's cake was delicious, and seeing Karina's passion whilst taking photos and when she is so sure she got the one she wanted "

Caroline K.

Are you ready to start planning your Ultimate Boudoir Experience?

Are you ready
to start planning your
Ultimate Boudoir Experience?

More Than Ever!



experience with me

how is the photoshoot

I started photography many years ago, shooting anything and everything I was paid for. And, (surprise!) eventually, I got so sick of it, I couldn't look at my camera anymore. Years later I realized that only true love and passion for what you do will result in a great product. And that moment I stopped offering anything I didn't like to shoot.

Instead, I invested in the best mentors in the fine art photography industry. Learning lighting, posing, styling, high-end retouching and everything else portraiture and boudoir, was super exciting. Studying the business of photography and how to provide outstanding customer service was an eye-opener.

I share my love between shooting sensual portraits and dancers. My other passion is to give my clients the best experience they could wish for. Something they will remember forever. 

my vision

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come out of it.”
― Benjamin Mee