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You have you.


Never ever in my life have I thought I’ll be googling depression symptoms. But this year I almost lost myself and it was scary.

In the last three months, I did a huge self-therapy job. Self-awareness books, courses, solo-trip to Sicily, hours and hours of thinking and analyzing my past life, and I can finally say: I’m back! I didn’t let myself drown. (I never will!)

You know, losing myself was a whole new experience for me and it inspired me for this shoot, which was an assignment for the course I’m doing.

I wanted to portray our sub-personalities, the demons we fight sometimes, the peace we find with our other self, the relationship between inner adult and child.

If you’re feeling down, lonely or off the life track, remember, you have you. Yea, the one that sometimes is silent or nowhere to be seen when you need her the most, the one that might drag you to the bottom or be mad at you. But I’ll tell you something…she’s also the one who will kick you up if you ask her to.

Be true to yourself. It’s the only path to happiness.

Truly yours,

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