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Webcam Sessions – our new reality


As of today, my children haven’t left the house (backyard doesn’t count) for 42 days. Once or twice a week I go shopping and, honestly, every time it feels like travelling to some exotic location 😀 I miss going places. I miss having friends over. And I miss my job! All the shoots that Google calendar still notifies me about. I miss creating! I look at the Pinterest boards my clients made for their upcoming shoots and it makes me so sad…

But you know what? Just because we are staying home, doesn’t mean we have to stop creating. I bit the bullet and started offering virtual shoots. Aaah, why I didn’t do it sooner (I chickened!), it is SO. MUCH. FUN! Although super-challenging. But that’s why I love them so much :))

You might be thinking, how the hell does it work?

Well, thank goodness for the technology era we live in, everything is possible. Once you book your session, we’ll set up a quick pre-shoot video call so we can schedule your session. You’re welcome to ask me any questions you have about this experience. During this initial call, I expect you to give me a tour of your place. I’ll help you to choose the best spot for shooting in terms of lighting and space. This will also help me plan some ideas for your photoshoot.

On the day of your session, I will instruct you with where to prop up your device ( use whatever you have – a phone stand, a cup, a partner, a duct tape…hey, get creative! practice beforehand) I will guide you through the poses by using vocal commands. When you are posing, I will be taking screenshots of all the awesomeness I see on my end 😉 I will then edit your images with my artistic touch (because let’s be honest, screenshots aren’t yielding us high-end quality images) and send you a link to download 10 digital images that are yours to do whatever you want!

What do I wear?

Whatever you want! Seriously. I’d recommend sticking to something that makes you feel great about yourself but still fits into the environment of the shoot. After seeing your space in the pre-shoot call, I’ll help you with the outfit choice.

What about hair/makeup?

Look, it’s not a full-blown glamourous experience. We are in quarantine. Let’s document the history 🙂 You can absolutely doll-up, but don’t stress too much about it. These are low-resolution images that, unfortunately, won’t do justice to your makeup skills.

What device do I use?

I’d recommend using a phone because they have the best cameras. But a laptop or iPad will work too.

My house isn’t…hmmm…that “photogenic”.

Not a problem at all! All I need to take a picture is a window and a wall next to it. And to give you some ideas…we can shoot in a shower or bathtub, a balcony, backyard, staircase, whatever you have access to.

Webcam Photoshoot Experience is €75 for a 30-45 minute session + 10 digital images

By booking a virtual shoot you are agreeing to the following: every session will be different based on client’s environment, internet connection/stability, equipment (some clients may have access to different quality phones, phone tripods, ring lights etc) and light. Editing is at the discretion of the photographer, Karina Murniece. Your shoot length will be approximately 30-45 minutes. Your images will be available for digital download within 48 hours after your session.

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