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The magic of Photoshop


Today, while doing some cleaning, I found my old photo albums. Oh my, what a gem I discovered! Actually, quite a few, but I’m only gonna show you one because others should never see daylight 😆 THIS!

Photo compositing

Year 2004. Obviously, I was so proud of my photoshop (I doubt it was even a Photoshop) skills, that I decided to print a whole album of these gems and I’m pretty sure I was showing them to everybody. 🙈 Fast forward to 2017. After thirteen years of using Photoshop, mostly learning by trial & errors method (which actually works!), I decided to take some advance editing courses. Oh, the power of education! I spent 3 months studying retouching, compositing, colour correction and what magic you can do with basic tools I’ve been using for years. And I created this ⬇

A woman in a red dress in a turquoise water

This is still one of my favourite pictures. And the one I am most often asked about – how? Would you believe, if I’ll tell you it was shot in my living room? 😃 It actually was! All by myself, without any assistance. But with lots of planning and preparation. And here’s how:

Two more from the series

Photoshop compositing is very time-consuming, some pictures take days to put together. But when you look at the finished result, I guess you feel like James Cameron, like you can create basically anything.

In this picture, there’s very little compositing, only birds actually. Everything else was shot as you see it.

On the other hand, with this one, I wanted to challenge myself and create something from zero. Again, there was a lot of planning and preparation. But I think this picture deserves a separate blog post 😉

What is your craziest idea you would like to implement in photographic form?

Truly yours, K.xx

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