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Referral Program – My Way Of Saying Thank You!


The greatest form of flattery is a referral. Word of mouth is my favourite way of finding new clients and there is nothing better than working with friends of friends or people who’ve been following my artistic journey for years.

Instead of offering this exclusive referral program to my past clients only, I decided to open it for everybody who knows me personally, who loves my art, who saves for their own session with me. Whoever you are, if the first person that comes to your mind when somebody’s asking for a photographer is me, I would like to show you my appreciation and offer you a gift of your choice.

How it works

Anytime a new client books their session with Kamuart Photography and uses YOUR name as how they heard of Kamuart Photography, they get €100 OFF their session fee and YOU get one of the following:

  • €100 CREDIT in Kamuart Photography bank (you can use it to pay your session fee or for photography products at your ordering appointment)
  • €100 CASH (maybe you never plan to have a session with me…It’s ok. I want to show my gratitude for spreading the word anyway)
  • SURPRISE GIFT (who doesn’t love surprises? I’ll get it delivered right to your door :))

The details

Rewards are “paid” after a friend has had their photoshoot. Cash rewards are made via PayPal/Bank transfer.

I always ask how a client found me, please ask your friend to mention you. And also, If you have referred someone and they booked and had their photo session with me, please reach out to me, I’ll need your contact information to send you a gift.

Any promotions or sales are excluded from the program. (i.e if the client books with a half-price sale fee, credit rewards are not available for that referral).

Some great ways to refer friends

  • Show your friends your badass pictures!
  • Post a link to my website, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Give a friend my business card if you have one.
  • Share a testimonial about your experience if you already had a session with me!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my art, trusting me and spreading the love!

Truly yours, K.xx

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