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The Power of Boudoir Photography


This year has been such a shooting rollercoaster for me. During lockdowns I’m a non-essential business and I have to shut the studio doors. Between lockdowns I’m like a hamster in the wheel, barely have time to sleep.

Not like I’m complaining…It’s actually completely opposite. I’m so grateful for this! It makes me feel very…important…I guess. Maybe not at the Universe scale 😀 But I feel that in all this chaos I changed something in the world of each beautiful woman that I photographed this year. 

So you did that porn type of photography?” – a friend asked one of my clients after her boudoir session.

I was going to write this blog forever (to burst the myth about porn type of photography 😁), seeing the impact the intimate photoshoot experience has on women, but then I thought, who could better tell about the power of boudoir photography if not you, my dear badass women, who dared to strip their souls and step in front of my camera.

Below are the messages from my clients. Some of them I received right after their shoots, some after they saw their images. I also included messages from people who never had a session with me but have been following my artistic journey. I’ll keep them all anonymous and please don’t try to make a connection between captions and photographs in this post, they’re not related.

“You’ve made me feel so special this morning I’ve tears in my eyes. You made me feel amazing when I felt my worst!”

“I’m so so glad I booked the shoot and followed through with it, it was such an amazing experience and really helped me feel like a woman again and not just a mom. You totally helped me get my womanly mojo back so thank you so much for that.”

“I cannot even remember how I found your page initially. But I remember then visiting your website and seeing how empowering and amazing your compositions were. It has been a promise to myself that for a big birthday…I will travel down to experience this and have a photo to document the years of wisdom, strength, challenges and life events that have changed me for the better and the worse.”

“I’m so glad I found you!! I had the best time, so much fun, but it also felt so comfortable and freeing 😊 and I have felt calmer in myself since the shoot. Thank you (and Aisling) for creating such a warm and safe vibe.”

“I have to say that I had absolutely no expectations. I didn’t have time to choose my outfits and that morning my left eye decided it didn’t like makeup, I was literally crying from both inner and outer corners. Karina is just a lovely person, she is so excited and so passionate about her work that it immediately makes you feel excited too…I even forgot that the photoshoot was happening, I didn’t think about “my flaws”, I didn’t criticise my body… I felt beautiful, confident and soulful. Karina gives direction perfectly. It was a wonderful experience, one that I will always remember. Karina, you really did capture my soul 💜 Thank You 💜

“I was really apprehensive as I did not know what to expect. The reality was a fantastic and empowering experience that boosted my confidence.”

“Where do I start…every time I get to work with you is such an amazing experience, you have given me so much confidence in myself that I never had and never thought I’d feel about how I look. I have this appreciation for my body and for all the things a woman’s body does. My pictures are once again so beautiful and every time I still find it so hard to believe it’s me. What you do changes peoples lives and just brings out that badass confidence that we never had or that we lost. I honestly think every woman should get the chance to do a shoot with you💕

“The experience far exceeded all my expectations. It kind of felt like being a bride all over again- being the centre of everything for the day, but this time with no pressure. There were laughs and moments of pure joy.  I felt so liberated and free. And I feel so proud of my body, seeing the photos afterwards.  It almost brought me to tears in the photo reveal afterwards. It has been the best celebration of turning 50 that I can imagine. I feel absolutely fabulous since my photoshoot and reveal.  I can hardly believe what an impact it has had on me.”

“Did I mention how much I loved my photographs, and everyone is so complimentary. My daughters are so proud of me and have been showing their friends also.”

“It’s given me a deeper appreciation for my body and myself. It’s so helpful to be able to see myself from a different perspective, and to see myself as art and so full of life.”

“I had the most amazing day today with Karina & Dearbhail. These two absolute queens create such a special experience helping women to love and accept their bodies in a beautiful safe non-judgmental way it was such an empowering experience I would highly recommend it! Don’t wait for your perfect body to do it. Love & accept the body you have now. Karina is so creative and encouraging and guided & directed me through every position and pose. She knows exactly what angles and shapes create the optimal results she has an amazing eye and vision. She really is offering something far more unique & special than your standard photoshoot! It is more like a cathartic experience, a letting go of all the negative points of view you have towards your body and seeing it instead through her lens of appreciation and understanding and gratitude for all it does and all it already is ❤️ I can not wait to see the pictures in 3 weeks time 😍 I actually thought I was Beyoncé, Shakira and all the Kardashians today 😂 😅 I don’t have the body I had in my 20’s but turning 40 I feel more confident and content in my skin than I ever did back then! That’s the beauty of ageing I guess! I wish I could go back in time and pull myself aside and have a good chat with myself 😅

“Album received and thank you so much, it’s my most prized possession now, I am still looking at it multiple times a day and every day it makes me feel like I’m the bomb!”

“God, I was so nervous beforehand. Thank u for putting me at my ease. I have never done anything before that put me directly into the spotlight. It was just about one of the best experiences of my life.  I loved every minute of it!”

“It totally exceeded my expectations. I was worried I would feel embarrassed and exposed but the girls created such a safe and comfortable environment I felt so confident and empowered, it was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. I feel much more confident about my body. For me it was a very special experience, it is a day that I will never forget “

“It’s an absolute lifetime and life-changing experience! Your confidence is boosting with every shot! Karina has this unique gift to create an atmosphere full of trust and the good vibes are just in the air. You feel amazing during the photoshoot but the real magic is happening at the revealing session! Even if you have any doubts about your “performance”, seeing the results is absolutely mind-blowing! I can only imagine how many tears Karina has witnessed and how many questions “Is it me?” she heard! And you can actually see yourself and your emotions in the pictures (not some strange airbrushed woman), You leave the place holding not only your pictures but also your newly awaken femininity as a precious treasure!”

“The experience has lifted my confidence to a new level and has definitely made me think about me and my individual needs a bit more now, rather than all the time putting my crazy family before me. Obviously, my pictures make me feel beautiful but the long-lasting effects of the whole experience are much more than skin deep. I feel like a part of the old me, before marriage, kids etc. Has been brought back to life and I am so happy for that.”

I can’t thank enough each and every one of you who trusted me and let me capture who you are as a woman. You are the women who dare and because of you the world is changing 🖤 Never ever doubt your worth!

Truly yours, K.xx

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