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What is Muse Experience

In two words, these sessions is a creative collaboration between model (aka everyday woman) and me.

My everyday mantra is MASTER YOUR CRAFT, and in order to do this I need a muse (my dummy head is not that good of a muse, unfortunately).

Muse experience is designed to push both, a model and me, photographer, into the artistic as opposed to traditional. These sessions can range from minimalist beauty studio session to practice lighting and new retouching techniques to complete over the top outdoor session in a mud pool (sounds like fun, eh?).

This session is designed for the adventurous, the creative, the confident in their skin, the playful, those who value the experience more than outcome and those who love art.

You must be willing to get ugly, nude, dirty, wet, sprinkled with flour, covered in paint, glitter, tied, cold and dance with fire. Ok, the last one was a joke, but you got the idea ;)

Muse experience is for those who are not concerned very much about their appearance in the pictures and are ready to dive into realm of sometimes "unflattering" but  incredibly interesting collaboration (think about America's Next Top Model).

These sessions will require a client to sign a model release as the images will be potentially used for marketing materials, blog posts and for general social media usage.

so what it takes to be my muse or who are these sessions for

who are these sessions not for

- Those concerned about their facial expressions, appearance, not looking sexy or beautiful as it seems by social standards

- Those who fear getting out of their comfort zone

- Those not willing their images shared online

- Those who don't like being creative and committing to a "character"

how are these sessions different from my regular session?

#1: My regular sessions are all about YOUR desires. They designed to help you celebrate your badass self, to make you feel and look your absolute best and forget of all your worries. In other words, YOU are the center focus: we build the concept together based on your needs and your vision.

Muse experience is designed as a team effort with the sole purpose to create ART. This means, the result can be very different from traditional pretty pictures.

#2: For my regular sessions clients are required to bring their wardrobe. With Muse experience, you have nothing to worry about, the majority of your wardrobe will be provided (I might ask you to bring some items, for example, underwear).

#3: Another difference between the 2 sessions, is that with my traditional sessions NO MODEL RELEASE IS REQUIRED. Your images are yours and yours alone. With Muse Experience, a model release is REQUIRED.  

#4: And last but certainly not least, you get all the final images of my choice, any number from 5 to 20+.

Tempted? Click the button below to book your very own Muse Experience. 

Pre-Session Consultation to discuss the concept of the shoot
Professional Makeup & Hair Styling
2 hour of Shoot time
Coaching & Pose Direction
All the best Digital Images from the shoot retouched and edited to a magazine standard
(anywhere from 5-20 images)


i want to create with you

To get an idea about what inspires me as an artist, check out  the PINTEREST BOARD I created specifically for this experience.


Your session will take place at my home studio which is located in Co. Cavan. I do almost all of my sessions here, but I can also explore other possibilities, with shoots that can be done on location, in air b&b/hotel suites or outdoor shoots in nature too.

Absolutely! Once your session is booked, I'll ask you to send me a few pictures of yourself and I'll build the concept around your look. I'll set up a private FB group where you, I and my makeup artist communicate all the ideas and details of our creative session.

I'm all about aesthetics. I will display your body in a tasteful and artistic way while treating you with utmost respect and professionalism. I don't shoot erotica, porn, genitals. 

No. I will provide wardrobe, styling props and everything we need for the final picture in my head. I might ask you to bring some personal items, i.e. underwear.

Minimum 4 weeks in advance. Because creative projects require a lot of preparation, I won't be able to schedule you in for an earlier date.

Your images will be ready for instant download via online gallery in 15 days after your shoot. 

In that case, I'm afraid this creative collaboration is not for you. Please consider booking one of my traditional photoshoots instead.

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