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It took me a few attempts to cull this shoot. Every time I opened my laptop and looked at the pictures, I felt very emotional.

When K. booked the Muse experience and sent me her selfies I instantly pictured something flower-ish, ethereal, beautiful. However, a few days before her session, I thought that I want to capture what this lockdown has been for me.

I couldn’t have wished for a better model. When I uploaded the images to the computer, I cried. Because they reflected exactly what I had in mind.

Up until this year, I reckoned I have this superpower – I don’t stress. Like at all. I’ve been through some pretty bad shit in life, but I always knew a brighter day is coming.

Not anymore. I don’t know what’s coming. Nobody knows.

And this uncertainty is killing me. Inability to make plans. Go places. See people I miss the most.

I buy clothes to cheer myself up, not because I have nothing to wear. I go to beauty salons only to see that life is actually still going on. I do body challenges to keep myself focused on something.

I show up for my clients. I’m so grateful that I’m able to work! And not to think 24 hours a day about everything we’re missing in life right now.

I wish they just gave us a date when all this will be over.

Truly yours, K.xx

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