"You must be willing to do something you've never done before to get to where you've never been before."
- unknown

your story, my service

A boudoir photography session with Kamuart Photography is as much about the experience as it is about the photographs. Whatever is your number one reason to have a photoshoot, I promise you'll leave the studio feeling totally BADASS.

I want this experience to be your best investment in YOURSELF. I want you to come to my studio with no statuses or labels attached, just being a woman who ran away from life for a day. I want you to feel like a model, the most beautiful woman in the world, the ONLY woman in the world.

A boudoir photo shoot has an amazing effect! It'll ignite and empower you. It'll give you a great boost in confidence and self-esteem. It'll make you look and feel different about your body. It'll heal the cracks in your soul. It's an ultimate gift of self-love every woman should experience.

Scroll down to find out how I turn your photo session into one unforgettable day in your life.

boudoir photography experience guide

This can be done online at the bottom of this page or by clicking BOOK YOUR SESSION button anywhere on the website. You will be required to sign a Photography contract and pay a booking fee. The booking fee reserves your date on my calendar and is applied to the Collection of your choice. Monthly pre-payment plan will be sent after you book. Entire balance is to be paid in full at least 7 days prior to your session date. You are able to add on and upgrade at your reveal & ordering appointment or request via email.

From the moment you book your photoshoot experience I'll be with you every step of the way. My goal is to create an experience for my clients to get exactly what they want, while still enjoying an amazing atmosphere where they feel their absolute best with some epic imagery as a result. I understand that everyone has different needs, desires and reasons for having the intimate portrait session done and that's why it's so important for me to get to know you before I meet you. Which brings us to the next step. 

No 2 people are the same, and that's why all my sessions are custom designed for the clients' needs. A pre-shoot consultation is where we discuss what YOU want form this experience.  We'll go over all your ideas, concerns, fears and desires. I'll ask you to fill up a questionnaire to make sure I fully understand your expectations. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about your photo shoot experience. Based on our conversation, I will create a mood board for your session. It will be your guide for the concept, styling, makeup and overall feel of your session.

A pre-shoot consultation is done via Zoom-call ideally 4-6 weeks before your shoot date.

Enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly or beverage with some light snacks while you are sitting in a makeup chair and being taken care of.

I work with an absolute best makeup artists, who are not only the masters of their craft but also the loveliest people I know. They will make you glow with that Queen B confidence before you take the stage and stay for the length of your shoot in case you need some touch-ups.

We always ask clients to let us know if there's something off with the makeup or hair BEFORE the shoot begins. We understand that everybody has their own preferences and never take it personally if you want something to be corrected.

After we discuss the concept of your session, you will receive a beautifully printed comprehensive Prep Guide magazine with all my tips and tricks on how to prepare for your ideal boudoir experience.

I encourage my clients to go and buy something that makes them feel oomph; I see it as a part of the experience. In your prep guide, you'll get the general recommendations on what photographs better and what to stay away from. I will also include some clothing references in your moodboard that will be more specific for just your session.

Predicting your statements "I'm not photogenic" and "I don't know how to pose", I'll just leave it here:
It is not YOUR job to be photogenic or knowing the art of posing (well, unless you're a professional model). It is MY job. I am a professional photographer who spent hours studying how to pose and light different body types. I will direct you and demonstrate, where needed, every pose from the top of the head to the tips of the fingers.
I promise you absolutely stress-free, relaxed and fun shooting time. With some cool music in the background ;)

After the session is over and before you leave, we will schedule your viewing and ordering appointment, which is the whole another experience. This is usually scheduled within 2 weeks. I'll show you the best pictures from your session on a big screen, and you'll see yourself like never before ❤ Warning! You might feel very emotional.

I'll help you choose images you want to order showing them side by side, advising on the best arrangement for a photo album or a wall gallery. 

Should you wish to upgrade your chosen products, you simply pay the difference in full for your desired collection and add-ons on this day. 

I DO NOT offer payment plans after your session.

Your printed products will be delivered in a time frame of 3-6 weeks (depending on the product). This is my favourite part. Seeing all that work we had done together on the paper is so exciting. Knowing it's going to last forever and will become a legacy is such an amazing feeling. I always feel emotional when wrapping the finished product.


step 1:

book your session and choose your dream collection

step 2:

schedule your pre-shoot consultation

step 3:

prepare for your session

step 4:

Arrive at the Studio for your unique photoshoot Experience

Spend the day celebrating yourself! I promise you a day full of Beyonce moments ;) Even if you feel nervous walking in, you’re guaranteed to feel like you can conquer the world by the time you leave. This is a day ALL ABOUT YOU.

step 5:

professional makeover

step 6:

shooting and posing

step 7:

in-person photo reveal and ordering appointment

step 8:

Your Luxury Heirloom Potraits

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all-inclusive boudoir photography experience guide



All-Inclusive Experience 

• Pre-Session Consultation to discuss your vision
• Moodboard Creation
• Comprehensive Prep Guide Magazine
• Complimentary Professional Hair & Makeup
• Up to 3 hours of Shoot time
• Coaching & Pose Direction
• Access to Exclusive Studio Props & Accessories
• Different lighting setups
• Hi-End Retouching & Creative Editing of the best images from the shoot to view and choose from
• In-Person Image Reveal & Ordering Session which is an event all itself!
• 10 digital images or 10 image lay-flat book
• FREE Shipping of your final order

BONUS! Huge confidence boost!


booking Fee acts as a non-refundable retainer and is applied to the Collection of your choice.


€500 BOOKING FEE IS due at A TIME of booking, balance is broken up into equal monthly payments AND IS due in full 1 week prior to the session.

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Products and Collections

Fine art prints in beautifully crafted mats. Can be displayed as wall art or kept privately in a handmade Italian leatherette keepsake box. 

I am passionate about offering only the best products to my clients, and I have meticulously hand-selected only the finest wall arts, framed products, folio boxes, albums and prints from the world leading suppliers. Investing in my art, you can be assured your portraits will last for generations. Kamuart Photography offers both Product Collections and A La Carte. 

High-end luxury Wall Art. 

HD Digital images on a custom USB drive.

While most of my clients prefer the convivence and ease of a Collection, there is a small number of clients who only wish to purchase Digital Images or a small book, for example.

A La Carte products start from €899 for 10-image photo book or 10 HD digital image package which is included in your Luxury Boudoir experience and go up from there.

Other products include Folio Boxes and Wall Art Gallery.

All collections include luxury photoshoot experience, an album, matching digital files and fine art or metal wall art. I offer pre-payment plans up to 12 months in advance of your session. Collections start from €1799.

Should you wish to upgrade products included in the All-inclusive experience, you simply pay the difference in full for your desired Collection and add-ons at your ordering appointment or before your session. 

luxury collections

a la carte


Your session will take place at my home studio which is located in Cootehill area about 20 minutes drive from Cavan town. I do almost all of my sessions here, but I can also explore other possibilities, with shoots that can be done on location, in air b&b/hotel suites, rental studio in your city or outdoor shoots in nature too (additional fees do apply).

Yes. 10 images included in your photoshoot experience. They can be delivered either as a lay-flat photo book or as digital files on a custom USB drive.

If you wish to upgrade to a bigger collection or any of the A La Carte product, you can do so by paying the difference at your ordering appointment or requesting via email before your session date.

I have good news for you ;) Shortly after booking your session, I'll send you a comprehensive guide that covers exactly how you should prepare your face, body, and mind for your photo shoot, as well as a complete list of resources for beauty appointments and wardrobe for your photo shoot! No question will remain unanswered.

Yes. Due to the hygiene reasons, I don't provide intimate wardrobe, but I do have lots of accessories in the studio, like tulle, flowing fabrics, ballet skirts, etc. I encourage my clients to take this as an opportunity to find outfits that you feel amazing in. Once you book a shoot with me, I'll send you the comprehensive WHAT TO WEAR guide ;)

Complimentary hair styling and makeup is included in your photoshoot experience. All you need to do is show up and we'll take care of the rest!

I recommend you to book your session 2-3 months in advance. Your photo reveal appointment will be approximately 2-3 weeks after your photo session, and your finished product (depending on what you order) will arrive between 3 and 6 weeks after that. Keep all these things in mind if you need your printed images on a certain date.

In a few weeks after your session, you'll be invited back to the studio for in-person photo reveal and ordering appointment. I will help you decide between images, showing similar images side by side for easy selection, and assisting you with getting a great variety for folio box collections, an album and the perfect wall art pieces.

Many of my clients travel in from different parts of the country for their sessions, and it just wouldn't be practical for them to come back in for their photo reveal appointment a few weeks later. In this case, I offer a live photo reveal via Zoom screenshare at a suitable for both of us time.

By default, I try to keep Photoshop action at a minimum when it comes to body/face modification. I will make your skin looking beautiful but still natural. In general, I always edit out minor imperfections that are not permanent, i.e. breakouts and spots, under-eye circles, scratches, bruises. I always ask my clients if there's something they want me to "fix" other than my standard retouching routine. 

When it comes to the artistic side of editing, I have to admit I can spend hours looking for perfect colours, contrast, texture, etc. This is something I really enjoy, and probably one of the reasons you are following my work ;)

I would LOVE to! But I completely understand if you are not comfortable with them being published. I NEVER share images before the reveal appointment. Only after the client seen the images and granted me permission to share, I will display them on my social media accounts, website and blog. I will honour whatever level of privacy you would like.

let's start planning your unforgettable experience