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“I wish I had her body”

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At some stage, I was a member of (I’m pretty sure) every boudoir photography group on Facebook. And you know what’s the most popular question is being asked there? “How do you pose a curvy/plus size woman?” Wanna know what the answer is? (not the most popular, unfortunately) THE SAME WAY AS ANY OTHER WOMAN! Period.

I want you to get this into your head – for boudoir photography your size, shape, age, colour, you name it, is irrelevant. This is a journey of you starting to love what you have right now. A journey of you re/discovering your sensuality. An act of stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something totally badass. An act of ultimate self-love.

I need to tell you something based on my experience as a photographer. 99% of women feel their body is inadequate. Women of any size, shape, age, colour, you name it. So the good news is, you’re not alone (I’m with you, btw).

“I wish I had her body.”

At least once a week I see this comment under my work. Usually it’s a picture of a fit woman with a toned body (surprise!).

DON’T! You might think you’re doing a compliment to that woman but in fact, you’re just belittling yourself. It won’t get you anywhere. And certainly won’t give you her body.

I happened to be shredded AF for a few years of my life and I can tell you, as long as you’re  a healthy human being you can have whatever body you want.

Here comes the bad news. You gotta work your ass off for it. Literally.

Now imagine, you’ll wake up tomorrow in ‘her’ body. Do you realise how much maintenance it needs to stay this way? No? I shared some insights on my personal Instagram. Have a read. Do you still want the new body? Or maybe it’s better to start slowly but surely build a loving relationship with your own?

Girls, confidence is in your head. It doesn’t have a shape, size, muscles or age. It’s a journey. Hard work of constantly pushing yourself to the other side of your fears. Go after your wishes, whatever they are – a perfect body, a dream job, burning bridges, going on an adventure, learning something new… I want to add, especially when you’re getting older. Because when you’re 20, the whole life is ahead, but when you’re 50, the half of it is gone. Or waisted. Go for it! Whatever it takes! Do it out of love for yourself not out of hate. Because if you fail you’ll hate yourself even more.

This 53 y.o. woman came to my studio and just killed it! And if she didn’t have to fill in a questionnaire before booking her Muse session, I would have never noticed her age or size. She was glowing and I just loved being around this person.

Next time when you want to comment with: “I wish I had her body” remember, that body can be yours. But you have to do the work. And first, you need to stop hating yourself.

Truly yours, K.xx

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