Photo Day | 30 minutes of self-love

A few weeks ago I hosted my first Photo Weekend. I was super nervous because, unlike my regular shoots, I had to shoot multiple clients in one day in 30 minutes time slots.

Why I was nervous? Well, for all the same reasons, I'll never go back to the shoot-and-burn business model.

I like to spend a day with only one client, to let her relax and feel "home" before we even start shooting. I never let a client leave before I know I got a big bunch of badass pictures of her. I don't like looking at the time when shooting. I love my client to have an experience when she feels that it's her day and only hers.

And you know what? Yes, it was different, it was intense, it was physically hard but it was great fun! And I can't believe how all my beautiful models seriously killed their 30 minutes slot!!!

What unites all these women from different walks of life, age, nationality, shapes and sizes, professions, social status...?

I call them women who dare! Dare to break stereotypes, dare to put themselves first, dare not to look like Victoria's Secret angels but love themselves anyway, dare to show up, dare to have courage, dare to change beauty standards, dare to show the world that we're all different but we're all enough! And I salute every one of them! I know it takes guts to be yourself but it's the most paid-off and liberating BE.

I know what you may be thinking looking at these ladies. "Wow! I wish I had their bodies! I wish I was that beautiful! I wish I had their confidence!"

You're not the one. In fact, 9 out of 10 women I photograph, share the same thoughts with me. But there's a huge difference between those who just wish and those who act to fulfill their wishes. Be the latter 😉

I hope this post inspired you to do some acts of self-love. Big or small. We all deserve it. At any time. And especially now, when the world has gone a bit wrong direction.

With love,

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