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A journey towards my big fat goal. 41/1

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Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? You think you figured it all out and got everything under control and…tah-dah. 2020. 

Raise your hand if you didn’t say last New Year eve: It’s gonna be MY year! I bet there ain’t that many hands. I’m sure most of us did.

Ahh, all the plans we had for 2020!

Two weeks ago I turned 41. It was the worst birthday ever (as far as I remember). 

The day before, we got the news that we’re going into another 6 weeks lockdown. My relationship was going south. My & my daughter´s birthday trip to Milan was cancelled. I had to face another temporary closure of my business. Everything just was shit! 

Today my life is so different. I  spent literally the best weekend with Alex. We talked so much. And I really hope that we fixed what we both thought isn’t fixable anymore. Being in love changes everything. I feel so inspired again to move forward, to work hard, to learn, create and dream bigger than ever!

One evening we were chatting about the past and I remembered that I used to write diaries. And I regret so much that I threw them away. It would be so cool to read them now!

Well, it brought me to the idea of starting a new one (especially taking into account what a rollercoaster the life is nowadays!) I spent one day writing down my big fat goal I want to achieve when I turn 50. And I promised myself to document this journey once a month with a self-portrait session and annotations about my feelings at that moment.

So this is my first post (albeit 2 weeks later). I did this shoot a day before my birthday with no thoughts behind it, just wanted to test some lightning diagrams I learned from the most recent course and celebrate the fact that I lost 6kg from my highest quarantine weight 💪🏼

Who else has a big fat goal? Are you going to follow my journey?

Truly yours, K.xx

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