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Last month I turned 41 and I promised myself to document the life from now on in a form of monthly self-portrait sessions and some narrative. So here it goes.

Another lockdown is coming to an end and, oh boy, it’s been so different from the first one for me.

My productivity and discipline are just on point. I’ve done so much these last 6 weeks! You know, all those little things that must be done but you never have time because…there’s more important stuff, always. Literally, crossed off all the to-do list! (gave myself a medal :D)

I enjoyed studying. Done two lighting courses, bought two more amazing posing guides, read a few great business books and now can’t wait to put all this new knowledge into action.

I’m taking care of my body by eating good food, training a lot and almost eliminating wine (the hardest part!). Seeing the results feels so good!

I talk a lot with Alex and I think we’ve finally reached Zen in our relationship <3 <3 <3

I started a new Instagram blog. One of my clients has been doing a really cool thing – she set up a page about 40 things to do before 40 and I loved this idea so much, I wanted to do it too! So I’m doing 50 before 50 😀 (need to come up with 50 things first! I’ve only 27 on my list so far). So yea, if you want to see me chasing my dreams and just being me, I’ll be glad to connect with you there 😉

Now, I could write a couple of paragraphs about how I always express my emotional state through the self-portraiture… But the truth is, I almost never do. I take pictures of myself because I want to find new ways to shoot and pose, because I need to practice what I’ve learned, because I am my own best guinea pig and just because I like having a bunch of nice pics (who doesn’t, right?).

So here’s my last very short flowery practice session. I like how it turned out. And if you do too and want to try something like this, let me know a few days before your upcoming shoot so I can buy fresh flowers 😉

Self-love tip #1: spend more time naked 😉

Truly yours, K.xx

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